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I love Cat Macros. I prefer the original Star Trek, my Enterprise Saved The Whales.

The Good and the Happy, October 2009

While there are many sorrows in our long history and across this vast world, there are also many moments of joy and beauty. Everyday kindness, brilliant discoveries, all those times we made it to outerspace and back, all those times the gun was lowered without a single drop of blood shred, and when it never taken up at all.

I choose to take to heart the good victories, even if 'they don't last', because even death cannot remove lives lived from the past which remains real. I choose to remember that the bad times can pass as well as the the good times. Unlike the tides of the lakes and seas, which rise and recede without our intervention, in justice, there is no natural justice, and what that means is that we must be the ones to fight for it. We must do our duty of remembering what just is, the good and the happy, whispers in ears and cries it over crowds, in dreams and in writings, in news and in fantasy, stories to hold its form and give it room to grow.

Don't stop dreaming, don't stop reading, don't stop writing, keep on living.

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